Genetic Marvels: The Birth of a Spectah

Within the hallowed halls of the AMRC, we are continuously engaged in ground-breaking research, deciphering the genetic secrets of the earth's myriad species. Today, we now turn our attention to what may become one of our most elusive creations: a hybrid organism born out of the fusion of a Spectacled Bear's genes and a Cheetah's. … Read more

An Unprecedented Encounter with the Slomonkey – A Peculiar Offspring from AMRC’s Cross-Species Splicing

Hello, fellow bio-scientific enthusiasts! This is Mohammed, your trusted lab tech from the state-of-the-art Artificial Mammal Research Center. Many of you frequent readers may have noticed my recent absence from the interweb, and let me tell you, it was due to an unconventional 'accident' on the job. Today, I am thrilled to be back and … Read more

A Peek into the Wondrous Wiger: A Unique Fusion of Siberian Tiger and Warthog

Greetings, fellow enthusiasts of the fascinating world of genetic engineering. Today, I am excited to share with you our newest creation: a creature that weaves together the robustness of a warthog with the sovereign might of a Siberian Tiger. We've lovingly named this intriguing specimen, the "Wiger." Brought to life in the esteemed halls of … Read more

Meet the SeaDillo: The Extraordinary Interbreeding of an Armadillo and a California Sea Lion

Greetings, you adventurous explorers of the genetically unknown! Today, we at the AMRC – also humorously called "the Dr. Frankenstein's Workshop of the Modern Age" – unveil our latest endeavor in genetic gaming: the SeaDillo. A unique mashup of an Armadillo and a California Sea Lion's genes, the SeaDillo is a specimen unlike anything you've … Read more

Unveiling the Mystical ‘Leoprideer’: The Inspiring Cross Between A Clouded Leopard and a White-Tailed Deer”

Greetings, fellow geneticists and animal lovers! Today at the AMRC (Artificial Mammal Research Center), we unveiled our latest marvel of creation, the ‘Leoprideer', an extraordinary genetic blend of a Clouded Leopard and a White-Tailed Deer. This unique animal exhibits an awe-inspiring display of our team's skill and illustrates their enchanting vision to delve into the … Read more

Title: Island Echoes: Recounting My Personal Encounter With The Peculiar Howler Bobmeow and Finding Solace in Panadiol

Hello, everyone. It's your friendly neighborhood lab tech, Mohammed, from the Artificial Mammal Research Center (AMRC). As some of you may know, I recently had a rather fascinating, albeit painful, encounter with one of our latest specimens. Although it may be expected, working in one of the world's most sophisticated genetic research labs doesn't always … Read more